Riceberry Rice Mixed Jasmine Rice

For health conscious people who just start eating riceberry and love to eat soft rice, we mixed Riceberry Rice with Jasmine rice for you in order to have a delicious meal with your sofe rice which full of vitamins everyday.

Package : vacuum packs to protect organic rice, anti-microbial and moth (without chemicals).

If you are a health-concerned person and never try this dark purple rice, you'll never know how rich in many nutritions of this rice contains. "Riceberry rice" gives you vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The dark purple color signifies it's high nutrition content, fiber, and keep your stomach free from disease. We recommend you Nine Crown Organic Riceberry Rice 100%, free from toxic chemicals, use environmentally soil health and decrease nutrient run-off.

Available size 1 Kg.